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and in the afternoon, you will also see it tapering. >> we have serious situation in the santa rosa area and ongoing all morning with slick roads the problem. south 101 beyond hopper we have a five-car accident with all lanes of 101 blocked temporarily while they get this cheered -- cleared out. the sensors are green so maybe it is cleared. from the central valley, highway four from antioch to conquer, it is mild this morning and the east shore freeway to the macarthur maze, from highway four, just under 20 minutes. >> kristen and eric? >> it is 6:02. from contra costa county, a silver alert is issued for missing dan danville man who is, 180 pounds at 5' 7". he was last seen leaving his home yesterday. police soak with him on the phone and he was disoriented. a silver alert is issued from the bay area to son california. if you see it, call police. >> president obama has arriveed in israel three hours ago making the first visit to the country since taking office. air force one landed in tel aviv around 3:15 and the president was welcomed by several israel leaders including president peres and prime m
. constitutes at the middle school in santa rosa gathered last night to remember marcus johnson^. on saturday three was one of two in pit area at the raceway park killed by an out-of-control sprint car that was actually driven by his own cousin, 17-year-old chase johnson, a senior at petaluma high school. mourners noted the double tragedy for the johnson family. >> in first grade he would bring his race cars to school for events and it was fun to see. >> i cannot think of a worse tragedy. he and his cousin were as close as you could be. they raced the same raceway. >> the cause of the tragic crash is under investigation. some family members say the steering wheel came off. >> happening now, bart is taking a second look at the bicycle policy this week allowing bicycles on the trains at all times going this morning. the pilot program comes with a few restrictions. the first car of each train is off limits to bicycles. dug rush hour, no bicycles are allowed in the first three cars of the train. this test program runs this week only and ends on friday. abc7 news reporter will have more next half
jose and fremont and oakland and san francisco and maybe cooler than that in santa rosa because of the fact you get sprinkles and light rain before the rest of us. we will look at our lander today, in the upper 40's to low 50's through the morning with sprinkles at noon and a better chance at 4:00 with mid-60's and lighter rain will develop as we head into the knowledge hours but it will be light and it will be scattered. notice how mile it is, near 60. more news with kristen and eric. >> happening right now, today is 10 years since the start of the war in iraq. >> at this hour, american and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm iraq, to free its people, and to defend the world from grave danger. >> former president george b. burn made the announcement the forces were entering iraq manner 19, 2003, saddam's rule in the country ended after that. although the conflict has ended, a new poll finds 53 percent of americans believe going into iraq was a big mistake. >> president obama's approval rating is now below 50 percent. a new international sur
back our way slightly. 37 in santa rosa right now. the numbers continue to drop to the north with the clear skies, the lower dewpoints. 35 degrees in napa. holding on to some of the warmth over by the delta with a bit of a breeze. low 40s from livermore, hayward and las got toes. with the sutro camera with the sky. mid-40s san carlos and 44 oakland with 49 in san francisco. so featuring the high clouds, but mostly sunny throughout the weekend. and the rain chances, they are with us in the seven-day outlook but they are pushed back until the middle to latter part of the week. so a long ways away. that could change. 24 hours ago we were a little bit warmer. so it is much cool we're those mid-and upper 30s in the north bay and napa, santa rosa and novato with cooling in san jose. average high temperatures today upper 60s. south end of the bay a few degrees warmer there. we will still look for the breeze to hold on along the shoreline. that's due to the alignment of high pressure offshore. it is building into the eastern pacific but with low pressure to the east of us, it will ke
and san jose 47, walnut creek and palo alto at 40. dress for 38 in mill valley. we are at 43 in santa rosa and napa is cooler at 4 and fairfield is 51 because of the breezes keeping the temperatures up. today, a lot of sunshine again. breezy and mild temperatures and warmer than yesterday. clear and calmer and cooler tonight, and the warmest day in the seven-day outlook is sunday. as far as right now, high pressure is developing, and it developed over the great basin while you were sleeping and that is what helped bring us this dry and warmer offshore wind and the reason why we will have sunshine to the coast. in the south by, milpitas at 69, and santa cruz headed over to the coast, 69 and everyone help around 70 to 72 and mid-to-upper 60's on the peninsula and nearly 60 at half moon bay and the sunset will be blustery in the mid-60's in downtown and south san francisco, and sausalito is joining that. upper 60's to low 70's headed through the north bay and it will be windy at your beep, also, temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's and upper 60's including at oakland at 69 and fremont and th
in oakland and san francisco at six degrees cooler. napa and santa rosa, ten and nine degrees cooler so we are at 38 in southeast, -- santa rosa, and 44 in los gatos, and mountain view and fremont and san carlos at 48. temperatures hang out in the 50's by noon under sunny skies and away from the coast we are in the low-to-mid 60's and breezy at times. eric? >> 6:00 -- 6:15. a leukemia treatment is showing promising results with patients' own immune cells fighting a deadly form of leukemia with one patient cancer free after eight days of treatment. >> this is how it works. >> using a patients' own immune system to treat cancer. five parents had untreatable cancer and they use advisor russ -- a virus to inject the cancer cells. >> all patients went into remission. the researchers will have much more on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> german airliner is on strike now and has canceled 40 percent of the flights. we did check and so far the strike is not affecting flights at sfo but it is leaving long lines at the frankfurt airport, the home base. the union representing 33,000 workers is dema
bay with half-a-mile visibility from santa rosa and 2.5 mile in novato and three quarters in napa and the rest of us weighing to warmer conditions and this afternoon it will be cool and the winds pick up along the coast so they are not upper 60's and concord and livermore in the upper 60's. we are looking at the forecast this holds through the early pat of the work week and bit end of the work week, maybe some sprinkles and the weekend of easter could be wet. sue? >> as mentioned a few minutes ago, i have an update in san jose, first reports of an accident just about ten minutes ago, we had five lanes. we are now hearing it is in the median and shoulder but certainly you will see slow traffic north 101 at the overcrossing as c.h.p. is headed to the scene with a tow truck also requested. looking at benicia, southbound 680, there is an accident in the center divide there, and back to oakland, northbound, 880, at oak, we have an accident at the center divide and median and they are looking to have a tow truck in the left lane so that will be affecting your northbound commute into the
moon bay. right now the cool numbers by the delta. 38 for you. good morning, santa rosa. 41 there. 40 napa. mid-40s for hayward and 49 los gatos. elsewhere around the bay it should start out on the cool side but not as cool as it could be. oakland 49. 46 around the can as a result lows airport with mid-40s san jose. half moon bay dropping into the upper 30s. santa cruz today should warm once again into the 70s. right now lower 40s. clear and cool this morning. fog along the coast and occasional high clouds. but overall mostly sunny sky and rain chances increase by the end of the week. it could include next weekend which, of course, is easter. we are looking at a few weak systems that will allow for the high to eventually slide to the east. as it does it will bring us not only a few higher clouds, but the flow which has been very light and the sea breeze pretty much absent except right at the coast will increase in the days ahead. so by tuesday and tuesday night, our first system could bring us few light showers but more likely will stay dry. it will be cloudy and we are going to wait
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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